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PENS Alert Pine Straw Solicitation Awareness

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has been brought to our attention that there have been persons soliciting pine straw door to door in the East Cobb area. We have received a few calls and emails since the beginning of spring. They may pressure you into a deal that may leave you overpaying for services. We wanted to remind everyone that Cobb County requires a badge for door to door solicitation. You may call 911 for illegal solicitation and an officer will respond accordingly. I would encourage you to do your homework and hire your own contractor for pine straw or any other landscaping or contracting needs you may have.

Door-To-Door Solicitations

The county permits door-to-door solicitations only if the person has registered with the county’s business license office. A registration badge must be worn by solicitors and will include their name, address, organization and a photograph. Solicitation without a registration badge is prohibited. Police will respond to reports of unregistered solicitors.

For more information visit the Cobb County Code Enforcement website.

Remain safe and vigilant!

Sgt Tim Nelson

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