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The PENS Dispatch - April 2015

THE PENS DISPATCH From the Criminal Investigations Unit at PCT 4 PENS Police Email Notification System MONTHLY EDITION APRIL 2015 Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the April edition of THE PENS DISPATCH. This bulletin is brought to you from the Cobb County Police Precinct 4 Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU4) and is designed to keep you aware of crime trends in your area and measures you can take to keep you and your family safe. Just as an update, with our introduction to last month, we have grown an additional 1000 residences using as a resource to communicate. CRIME TRENDS Laundry detergent shoplifting incidents have occurred in March and April at grocery stores and drug stores in Cobb. The suspect(s) would fill a cart with product and make a “clean” getaway without paying. The Tide has turned and the suspects have been identified and arrested. Additional cases are being investigated and charged. If your store has had a large amount of detergent taken and you have surveillance of the incident, please report it to police. Our Entering Autos were below average in March, and so far are below average this month. Watch out with the warmer weather as you attend outdoor activities. Theft groups will try to get into your vehicles at the parks, pools and tennis locations. We did have a small trend this past weekend off Paddlewheel Dr off Barnes Mill and the Vermillion subdivision off Post Oak Tritt Rd. Both areas involved unlocked vehicles. A white male is seen walking on the street on surveillance in the Vermillion subdivision. Please remember to lock your vehicles! We had some business burglaries along the Johnson Ferry corridor this past weekend. Three occurred in the Village Pkwy area. Currently we have no suspect descriptions. Residential Burglaries do not have a set trend to make you aware of at this time. Remember, if we ever get a good lookout to share with the community we will. WHAT YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD CAN DO • Continue to lock your doors and remove your valuables from your vehicles. • Keep your residences locked and use your alarm whenever you leave. • Landscaping contractors, secure your equipment, especially back pack blowers, when not in use. They are usually stolen as a crime of opportunity. • Call 911 when something or someone looks suspicious. Continue to share any crimes and suspicious activity with your neighbors to keep everyone aware and watchful. Everyone can sign up for PENS alerts and monthly bulletins by clicking on this link Cobb County PENS Send an email to our administrative specialist Teresa Hayes to request to be a PENS Representative. PENS is now working in coordination with to reach out to more of the East Cobb Community. You will receive our monthly bulletins and other immediate crime trends with the direct communication between us and your neighborhoods. Sign up here

FEATURED ARRESTS Beat 413 Residential Burglary Detective Gasque On February 2, 2015 a residence on Hembree Station Drive was entered by force through a rear door. The suspect, later identified as Eric Lincoln, stole over five thousand dollars worth of jewelry, firearms, and electronics from the residence. The suspect proceeded to pawn all of the stolen items at numerous area pawn shops. Eric Lincoln was interviewed and he claimed sole responsibility for the burglary, once he was confronted with the evidence. Eric Lincoln was subsequently charged with Burglary 1st Degree and five counts of Theft by Deception (M.) Valuable property was recovered to the victims. Offender- Lincoln, Eric Charges: Burglary 1st Degree and Theft by Deception (M) x5 Beats 416 and 417 Theft by Taking Det Gasque During December of 2014 a white male suspect in a black Ford Focus was suspected of steal-ing professional lawn care equipment from landscaping companies on several occasions. Wil-liam Thor Holland was identified as the offender through pawn records, eye witness ac-counts, and video surveillance. Lawn care equipment was recovered from pawn shops and subsequently returned to the victims. Offender-William Thor Holland Charges: 3 Counts of Theft by Taking (M) and 2 Counts of Theft by Deception (M.) This concludes the APRIL PENS bulletin. Remain safe and vigilant, Sgt Tim Nelson


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