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McMath Family Fundraiser

As some of you may know, one of our neighbors, Whit McMath, is battling a serious illness. To help offset the cost of his medical bills, some great friends are hosting several fundraising events over the next few months. Please help spread the word about this!

Fundraising Options

  • Website



  • Wells Fargo

  • Go to any WellsFargo location. The teller should be able to look up the account directly under “McMath Family Donation Fund.” If you encounter an issue at a branch, please ask for a manager.

  • Paypal

  • Go to and login. Click “Pay or Send Money.” Click “Send Money to Friends or Family.” Enter the email account ( and the amount.

  • Personal Check

  • Mail a check made out to “McMath Family Donation Fund” to Kara Eldridge at 9465 River Lake Drive Roswell, GA 30075. She will be happy to take it to a WellsFargo branch.

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